Phool Dei

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Phuldei festival is a special festival of Uttarakhand state. This festival is called Phool Sangrad in Garhwal and Phuldei in Kumaon. Apart from this, this festival is also addressed by the names Chamma Dei, Daini Dwar, Phool Sankranti, Phool Sangrad, Chaitra Sankranti, etc. This festival is celebrated on the first date of Chaitra month of the local calendar. For this reason it falls on the 14th or 15th of the month of March every year. This festival also marks the arrival of spring season. It is also called Phool Sankranti.

When is Phool Dei?

This year, in 2024, Phool Dei is on Thursday, 14 March 2024.

What is Phuldei?

Festival Fuldei
Other related namesPhuldei, Chamma Dei, Daini Dwar, Phool Sankranti, Phool Sangrad, Chaitra Sankranti
Start datePisces Sankranti
ReasonSun’s arrival in Pisces
Celebration MethodChildren put flowers on the door frame

Phul dei – Children’s Festival

On this day, small children come out of their homes early in the morning singing the song Phul Dei, Chamma Dei. Children carry colorful flowers in their baskets and place them on people’s thresholds and sing this song with wishes for happiness and prosperity. Due to it being celebrated by children, Phul Dei is also called folk children’s festival. Children who place flowers on the doorstep are called Phulari.

When is Phul Dei Celebrated?

Most of the Hindu festivals are celebrated according to the position of the moon, due to which their date is fixed. But festivals based on Sankranti are celebrated according to the position of the Earth’s rotation around the Sun. Therefore no fixed date can be determined according to the Hindu calendar. Therefore, Phuldei festival can take place in any of the Hindi months of Phalgun or Chaitra.

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