4,500 Electric Vehicles registered in a month, sales rose 6X

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4500 EVs registered in a month

Delhi government has been working ardently towards the betterment of EV drivers in the capital by launching schemes and initiatives every year. Since the launch of the EV policy in August 2020, Delhi saw a whopping number of 739 registrations coming out for electric vehicles in the same month of its launch. Since then, the number has continued to increases vehemently. In August 2021, a year later of the EV policy launch, the capital once again saw an astonishing number of registration for electric vehicles, pushing as high as approximately 2,600 sales. This year, however, the number of EV sales has almost doubled within the starting three months of the year. The figures have gone up to 4,500 as new registration is piling up even as the day goes on.

Compared with the starting number, the value of 4,500 seems almost sixfold the initial number. This is after the fact that overall vehicle registration in the capital city of India has gone down from the year 2020 to 2021 post-Covid outbreak and its repercussions. 

Starting this year, the number of EV registration in January was around 3,400, while it went another thousand up, i.e., at approximately 4,500 in February. With only half of March going by, the transport department has seen a whopping number of 3,335 EVs being registered till now in the capital. With this, within two and half months of the start of the year, the NCT has seen almost 11,285 EV registrations so far. This makes an average of 152 electric vehicles being registered every day in Delhi. 

Previously, the majority of this surprising number of EVs constituted of e-rickshaws, but as of late, the number of 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers electric vehicles has spiked exponentially. Even, soon Delhi government has planned to launch 4,261 e-autos on the capital’s roads, with 33% of e-autos being reserved for women drivers. 

In 2020, the number of EVs registered in January, February and March were 2,513, 2,015, and 1286, respectively. Whereas, the number of EVs registered in the first three months of the year 2021 were 1,445, 1,598, 2,201, in succession. This number may keep increasing exponentially with the new policy and infrastructure coming into view soon in the capital region of India.

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