Capital to face hot and dry days owing to the rising humidity in the air

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Delhi temperature at a high rise

The capital is ready to move from the cool days of February to the hot days of March. Data released by IMD pre-Holi has given the capital a fair warning for the possible rise in maximum temperature in the days to come. For the past one week, the capital has seen the increasing mercury scale, touching as high as 36.6 degrees Celsius, nearly five degrees above the normal temperature pre-Holi. 

Apart from the high temperature, Delhi is about to suffer from a rise in the humidity level in the air. The easterly winds running in the capital have caused the ‘feel factor to increase by 2 points. This is usual for the national capital, as in March, there are bound to be three to four western disturbances. Till now, there have been no dynamic western disturbances seen by authorities in Delhi. This has resulted in hot and dry air blowing in the city.

On Saturday, the city saw a rise in temperature reaching up to 36.6 degrees Celsius, which was 6 units higher than the normal capital temperature. This sudden temperature rise is the result of rising humidity in the capital which has caused the air to become warmer and more uncomfortable. Since March 18, easterly winds have been blowing in the NCT region. This has resulted in humidity levels increasing almost by 20-25%. The rising humidity has caused the feel factor to increase by 2%. The inference is if the temperature in the city is at 36 degrees Celsius, the person will feel it to be at 38 degrees Celsius. This has led the general public to believe that the weather seems to be hotter than it normally should be. 

In March 2021, two rainy days were recorded, while in March 2020 and 2019, ten and six days, respectively, enjoyed the shower of rainwater. This is quite contrary to the expected date of March 2022, where no rain activity will most likely happen and the month will only go on with hot and dry spells.

However, it is predicted that with strong winds blowing on March 21 and March 22, the maximum temperature on the roads of the capital will likely come down by 1-2 degrees Celsius, thereby, giving relief to the residents of Delhi.

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