GSDP increase by 50% in the capital: Anil Baijal

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GSDP increase by 50%: Delhi Government

Delhi government on 23 March conducted their budget session in Delhi assembly where LG Anil Baijal was seen boosting the work of Delhi government by pointing out the rise in state GDP seen within last 5 years. The capital’s GSDP (Gross State Domestic Product) rose by 50% in the past half-decade and reached a surprising value of Rs. 9.23 lakh crore. Whereas, its per capita income was totaled at around Rs. 4 lakh. This value is three times more than the national average PCI.

Despite the stark hit the capital suffered from the Covid pandemic, the work of the Delhi government in the field of education, tax, health, and housing has led the capital to increase its GDP by almost half. In terms of electricity, the tariffs in Delhi stay at an all-time low in comparison to its neighboring states, while 91.4% of state consumers enjoyed scheme benefits launched under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal, AAP convener.

GDP GSDP increase by 50% in the capital: Anil Baijal
GSDP increase by 50% in the capital: Anil Baijal 6

In Delhi, around 50% of power consumers do not need to pay the electricity bill as per the AAP Free Bijlee Scheme, i.e., no bill under 200 units. Whereas, around 40- 50% of consumers enjoy the waiver of 50% of their bill if their unit consumption is under 400 units.

Delhi Government has left no stone unturned when it comes to making the life of ‘Aam Aadmi’ easier and safer. With its launch of dual ownership EVs and reserving 33% EVs for women drivers, the AAP government has shown its hard work by strengthening the public transport on Delhi roads.

Besides electricity and transport, the AAP government has worked its way to provide 945 million gallons of water per day all around the city with a pipeline system. The pipelines are spread within 15,000 Kms and are also being supplied in 1,577 unauthorized colonies. This is aided by the efforts put by the Wetland Authority of India to remodel 119 wetlands across the capital and make them smell-free and pollution-free.

Lastly, the government of Delhi has given its hand in improving the education life of government schools in Delhi. In 2021, the pass percentage for Class 12th in government schools was 99.84%, while for Class 10th, it was 97.72%. Around 496 government school students qualified for the NEET exam and 384 for IIT-JEE Mains. 

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