Term 1 theory result declared by CBSE: Final Marksheet to come with Term 2 result

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CBSE Term 1 result declared

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) has on March 19 delivered the theory results for Class 12th Term 1 exams, directly to the respective schools. The schools have been given the data regarding the theory performance of the student. This is to make sure that the individual performance and marks will not be made accessible on the website.

The internal assessments project information and practical scores of students had already been with the school authorities, before CBSE’s theory result update. As this was Term 1 exam scores, CBSE has not provided any mark sheet or passing certificate to the students. Only a single mark sheet cum passing certificate will be released after the completion of the Term 2 examination. The final mark sheet will carry the added marks of both terms, Term 1 and Term 2 and it will follow the weightage decided in each of the term examinations.

Meanwhile, CBSE has provisionally declared the performance of students from 62 schools and has put them under scrutiny. With this, the board has made sure to bring into immediate effect the online dispute redressal mechanism for the examinations of Term 1. It was done for students to put forth their disputes and queries. The students were advised to send their disputes to the school authorities and the school authorities, then, in turn, will send it further to the board. The mechanism will stay open and available to schools till March 31.

The board has also addressed the issue of problems reported by students in the question paper and marking scheme of the Term 1 examination. The board has assured the students that valid steps have been taken and students’ performance has been reevaluated by the board, whenever and wherever applicable. As per the revised answer sheet, the students have been awarded marks for the questions dropped by them in the most suitable and academically beneficial manner.

The board has also taken into account the varying difficulty level in the different or any particular set of paper. The needful action will be taken during the preparation of the Term 2 final result. The board has stated that to reduce students’ anxiety, the schools have been advised to declare the Term 1 result in their respective school forums.

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