PM Modi salutes Ram Nath Kovind in a letter, saying, “I Join The Entire Nation In Saluting You.”

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elWgAAAABJRU5ErkJggg== PM Modi salutes Ram Nath Kovind in a letter, saying, "I Join The Entire Nation In Saluting You."

In his letter, Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Ram Nath Kovind’s journey from a remote hamlet in Uttar Pradesh to the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Ram Nath Kovind received a letter from Prime Minister Narendra Modi the day before he resigned from the post of President of the nation, praising the former leader for having upheld “the highest standards of values, probity, performance, sensitivity and service during his term.”

Today, the former president thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Twitter for his nice remarks.

“I was quite moved by the letter from Prime Minister @narendramodi. I see his thoughtful and emotional statements as an expression of the admiration and respect that my fellow citizens have for me. I truly appreciate all of you “Kovind sent a tweet.

The former President forwarded Prime Minister Modi’s letter to Mr. Kovind, in which he stated: “In saluting you and expressing our sincere gratitude for your outstanding leadership as President of our Republic and a lengthy and illustrious career in public life as your term comes to an end, I stand with the entire country. You set the highest standards for morality, honesty, and performance, as well as for compassion and service.”

The trip that Mr. Kovind took from a tiny hamlet in Uttar Pradesh to the Rashtrapati Bhavan was also honored by Prime Minister Modi, who praised it as “a parable for our country’s growth and progress, and an inspiration for our community.”

“Your amazing personal journey from a tiny town in the middle of our country to Rashtrapati Bhavan has served as a metaphor for the growth and development of our nation as well as an inspiration for our society as we get closer to the 75th anniversary of Independence. You have persevered throughout your life and profession with dignity, a strong dedication to the morals and integrity at the heart of Indian culture, and the utmost respect and duty for the ideals of our Constitution. “In his letter, the prime minister stated.

The previous president, according to him, defended and strengthened democracy’s vitality and the Constitution’s values with good judgment, great dignity, and outstanding statesmanship.

As our nation’s highest authority, you upheld and strengthened the principles of our Constitution and the strength of our democracy with sound judgment, great dignity, and outstanding statesmanship – and always with the best interests of our Republic as your compass. You were a source of stability, unity, and certainty at home during a period of extraordinary stress brought on by the epidemic and a globe beset by turmoil and violence. You were a compelling ambassador for India’s ideals and interests overseas, he added.

“Even though you were the nation’s First Citizen, I always found your compassion and care for the wellbeing of the weakest citizen to be steadfast.

The Prime Minister said, “Even when you to the greatest position in our nation, you remained firmly and proudly planted in its soil and linked with the people – joyful in their company, sensitive to their concerns, insightful about their aspirations, and acutely aware of the needed transformation.

The previous president, according to him, was a tenacious and ardent advocate for social reform and inclusion, speaking out for the underprivileged, those who have long been marginalized and oppressed, and women in particular.

Even as you attained the highest position in our nation, you remained firmly and proudly rooted in its soil and connected with its citizens, finding joy in their company, being sensitive to their issues, wise of their expectations, and acutely aware of the necessary change “added the prime minister.

The Prime Minister also praised his many deeds, interventions, and speeches that conveyed the rhythm of India to every part of our nation and the globe.

“You have transported the finest of India to all parts of our nation and the world throughout your presidency through your many deeds, interventions, and speeches.

The themes and concerns that you have prioritized—the civic responsibility to contribute to society, the dedication to an India that combines our ancient heritage with modern science, and the need for sustainable social change spurred by greater and more widespread access to education, particularly for girl children—have all been carefully considered and meaningful. I am pleased that our communication extends beyond the Presidency. I have witnessed you toil among the populace throughout your political career, remarked Prime Minister Modi.

You created a name for yourself as a successful MP who frequently brought up social welfare and education topics.

Your administration as governor of Bihar was excellent. You put in unmatched effort to transform the Raj Bhavan into a Lok Bhavan that is open to the public.

The Prime Minister recalled their trip to Paraunkh together and expressed his admiration for Mr. Kovind’s generosity in donating his home to benefit others, particularly those from the underprivileged and marginalized society groups.

“Your humility, kindness, and giving have always had a profound impact on me. I shall never forget our recent trip to Paraunkh. I was moved to see how you gave away your family home to aid others, especially those from the underprivileged and marginalized groups in society. It was encouraging to see you still have a strong connection to your roots and feel the community’s love. Your kind act of meeting me at the helipad will always be imprinted in my memory, “Prime Minister Modi stated.

He also related how the former president had visited his mother and spoken with her about several problems.

“Equally thoughtful was your visit to my mother and your conversation with her about several topics. It demonstrated your steadfast dedication to the moral principles that underpin our nation. You recently shared a deeply held principle with students: “Never neglect to give back to the community which has allowed you to become a successful individual. Your life and service represent this principle,” he added.

“You have always been generous with your time and wisdom to me over the last five years, and I will continue to come to you for assistance,” the prime minister wrote as he concluded the letter. As your Prime Minister, working with you, Rashtrapati Ji, has been a true honor. I join my neighbors in wishing you a long and prosperous life.

Ram Nath Kovind’s tenure as president of India ended last Thursday, and Droupadi Murmu, who took office on July 25, is now in that position.

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