Arvind Kejriwal Accuses Gujarat Recruitment Exams Of Maha Vyapam Scam

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Arvind Kejriwal Accuses Gujarat Recruitment Exams Of Maha Vyapam Scam

Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, on Tuesday accused Gujarat, which is governed by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), of a “Maha Vyapam fraud,” in which question papers for state government employment exams had been leaked for years.
If the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) wins the upcoming Assembly elections, he promised to enact a rule against paper leaks that includes a 10-year jail sentence.

Reaching out to young people in the state that will soon go to the polls, Arvind Kejriwal promised that if the AAP is elected, it will introduce legislation that will grant 80% local preference in the private sector. He also reaffirmed the AAP’s pledge to create 15 lakh jobs under the new administration.

“Has anyone been imprisoned for leaking documents? They’ll now be jailed (when AAP forms a government). The “Vyapam” scandal happened in Madhya Pradesh. There is a “Maha Vyapam fraud” in Gujarat “On the second day of his two-day visit to Gujarat, Arvind Kejriwal made the accusations while speaking to a town hall meeting of young people in Bhavnagar.

The Vyapam scam, which involved entrance exams, admissions, and recruitment, was discovered in 2013 in Madhya Pradesh, another state controlled by the BJP. The Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board is known by its Hindi abbreviation “Vyapam,” which is also the name of the scam.

Even though Manish Sisodia, the deputy chief minister of Delhi, had done nothing illegal, they forced the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to conduct raids on him; nevertheless, no CBI searches were carried out on those responsible for the leak of the (government exam) papers (in Gujarat). Why? Because those responsible for the paper leak are their own?,” questioned the AAP national convener.

At the occasion, Manish Sisodia was also present. He is being investigated by the CBI in relation to alleged irregularities in the Delhi Excise Policy.

Candidates and job applicants, government employees, and certain politicians were allegedly involved in the Vyapam fraud, in which fake answer sheets were written. In 2015, the Supreme Court issued an order that the matter be turned over to the Central Bureau of Investigation.

Arvind Kejriwal cited a number of paper leak incidents that have been recorded in Gujarat since 2015 and questioned whether the BJP-led administration was embarrassed.

How will they run the government if they can’t even administer exams? he questioned. If elected, the AAP leader promised to take severe measures against offenders.

“AAP would introduce a legislation against paper leaks with a 10-year jail sentence if it wins the election for governor of Gujarat. After 2015, we’ll also reopen the paper leak cases. All those found guilty will be jailed after the investigation is over. After the elections in December, take care not to leak the paper “said he.

A minister in Gujarat allegedly stated that women will be given preference in government

awarded to party members in power.

“Does your father hold positions in the government? The young of Gujarat are the only party eligible for government jobs. We’ll revamp the procedure and conduct recruitment in a transparent manner

Arvind Kejriwal reaffirmed AAP’s pledge to produce 15 lakh jobs and find work for every Gujarati youth over the course of the following five years.

In the first year after the AAP forms the government, he claimed, the positions of Talathi, teachers, sub-inspectors, and assistant sub-inspectors will be filled according to a recruiting calendar.

Kejriwal claimed to know how to create jobs because his Delhi government gave 12 lakh young people jobs through a variety of channels.

“Our motives are pure. I promise to provide employment to all Gujarati youngsters “said he.

Arvind Kejriwal stated, without naming any names, that a party leader had offered money to have his picture published in the New York Times, which had previously published a picture of Sisodia, but the publication had declined, claiming it did not fit with their medium and could not be sold.

“They think that anything may be bought or sold anywhere. Not everything is sold; some businesses operate honestly. Sisodia put in a lot of effort to raise the standard of government schools in Delhi, which no other minister of education in independent India done “said he.

Kejriwal reaffirmed AAP’s commitment to providing youths with guaranteed work and a monthly unemployment benefit of $3,000 in his remarks. Additionally, he pledged 15 lakh government employment.

He declared that if AAP takes power in Gujarat, it will establish a “waiting list” based on merit for a full year. Additionally, transportation expenses for individuals going to the exam location will be covered.

“From the first year we are in office, we will start the hiring process. Government vacancies will be filled from higher to lower positions. We would also introduce legislation to guarantee locals in Gujarat 80% of the jobs in the private sector “He urged young people to support AAP on social media.

The Bharat Ratna award was sought by the AAP leader for the final

“Kumarsinhji was a proud patriot who handed over the reins of the Bhavnagar to the Indian union soon after Independence which became the first state to join the Indian union,” he said.

Sisodia said the Centre took action (CBI raid) against him as it was rattled by the growing enthusiasm of youths in Gujarat.

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