Papa John’s Durian Mango Cheese Pizza from Taiwan astounded online foodies

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Papa John's Durian Mango Cheese Pizza from Taiwan astounded online foodies

This pizza experiment, which is apparently a “winner,” features the durian, a fruit famed for its repulsive stench.

The battle over fruit toppings on pizza never seems to stop. In Taiwan, there is a new pizza with durian and mango for people who are “disgusted” by the concept of pineapple on an Italian meal. Yes, durian is an exotic fruit known for its off-putting odor.

Recently, Pizza Hut in Taiwan presented its new menu item, which included cheese, other summer fruits, and what is sometimes referred to as the “world’s smelliest fruit.” The fast food business announced the particular pizza variation, dubbed “Dumans Shui Jinjin Pizza” or “Durian Water Gold Pizza,” which will include Golden Pillow durian, Tainan Yujing Aiwen mango sauce, and durian cheese.

The pizza company chose to court durian enthusiasts by tempting them with generous slices of the fruit and a sweet and sour mango sauce used as a basis, even though the intense scent can put off individuals who are not accustomed to it. To give a complete culinary experience, little cheese cubes that had been molded into the shapes of Pizza Hut logos were also spotted topping the pizza. Shredded coconut was also sprinkled on the crust, bringing the theme of tropical fruits to a whole new level.

Sora News reports that Pizza Hut Taiwan has set out to redeem the reputation of the “commonly disparaged fruit durian, whose spiky look and frequently repulsive scent hinder many from enjoying its delectably sweet and earthy flavor.” It’s also not the first time they’ve tried the fruit; in the past, they’ve provided a Durian Coffee Pizza in 2020 and their first durian pizza in 2019.

The meal was sampled by Sora News’ official pizza correspondent, eliminating the need for theoretical speculation. According to their assessment, “the crust was very delicate, and the durian pulp had been cooked. It had a soft feel that appeared to melt in her tongue and spread sweetness throughout it.” According to the study, “this was countered by the tangier flavors of the mango and coconut, which gave the pizza a pleasant tropical sensation.” They concluded, “So it seems Pizza Hut Taiwan has once again flirted with calamity and came out with a victory.”

The brand also debuted its version of Japanese fried chicken, including durian and cheese. Along with cheese and shredded coconut, the crispy fried chicken’s succulent and supple boneless thigh flesh has been topped with durian puree.

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