Ukraine-Russia War Crisis: Russia attacks Children’s hospital in Mariupol.

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Russia’s inhumanitarian invasion of Ukraine is leading to extreme destruction on both sides of the war front. The innocents are facing terrible outcomes. People are losing their family and their loved ones. The whole nation is suffering from inhumane war destruction. Ukraine is under attack all the time till the sun goes down and rises again.

The children’s hospital in the city of Mariupol was attacked by an airstrike on the hospital. The women who were going to give birth were wounded also the children were wounded. The rescue is going on to provide the women and children with immediate treatment.

The other two hospitals in the city of Kyiv were also bombed. The destruction is sadistic. People are enduring awful and horrific scenarios.

Ukraine alleges Russia for war crimes. Russia’s humane approach to providing corridors to Ukrainians was also blamed to be not fulfilled.  A Refugee claimed that they were shooting the civilians. People are afraid and desperate to leave as the supply of food and medications is running out. There are more than 2 million refugees from Ukraine who have dispersed all over Europe. These refugees suffered abuses from the Russian military and many of them hold evidence of war crimes.

An investigation has been launched by the prosecutor of the International Criminal court in an account of Russia targeting civilians and attacking hospitals and homes. The work to collect shreds of evidence has begun.

Also, Russia has also been accused of using chemical weapons in order to have a wide impact.

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