Donald Trump claims that the FBI “raided” his house in Florida

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Donald Trump claims that the FBI "raided" his house in Florida

Possibly related to a US Justice Department investigation investigating Trump’s relocation of official presidential records to the Florida club, the former president Donald Trump said that FBI investigators invaded his Mar-a-Lago house on Monday and broke into his safe.

The inquiry into the records, one of many Trump is facing from his time in office and in private company, would significantly advance with the unprecedented search of a former president’s home.

 Both the Miami field office and the FBI’s Washington headquarters declined to comment. The FBI would comment on whether the search was taking place or what it might be for, and neither did Trump offer any explanation for why federal officials were at his house, which increases the ex-legal president’s burdens.

Senior Republicans also criticised the raid on social media and charged the Justice Department with overreaching.

According to The Washington Post, the materials Trump took with him when he departed Washington after losing his bid for reelection in November included highly sensitive texts. The National Archives announced in February that it had retrieved 15 boxes of records from Trump’s Florida house.

At the conclusion of Trump’s administration, the papers and souvenirs, which also included communication from the former US president Barack Obama, were required by law to be turned over, but instead ended up at his Mar-a-Lago club.

Letitia James, the attorney general for the state of New York, is looking into potential legal claims that the Trump Organization artificially inflated property values. Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr., two of Trump’s adult children, have both testified in the investigation, and Trump has also consented to do so.

Asserting that the inquiry is politically motivated, Trump has denied any wrongdoing. A Democrat, James. Discovery of the boxes aroused concerns about Trump’s compliance with presidential records regulations put in place in the wake of the Watergate incident in the 1970s, which compel Oval Office occupants to retain documents pertaining to official business.

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