‘Havana Syndrome’ decoded by the CIA

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The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), after months of speculation, has come to the conclusion that the US diplomats suffering from what was dubbed the Havana Syndrome were not targeted by any foreign power. The mystery of the strange syndrome has been solved. Here is all the information according to the reports. 

The Havana Syndrome was put in the spotlight in 2016 after a dozen of diplomats at the American Embassy in Havana, Cuba started complaining about the sickness. The symptoms that the diplomats complaint about included migraines, nausea, dizziness, and memory lapses. Some of the diplomats experienced the symptoms for months. The latest case was when one person had to be evacuated from Switzerland to the United States. 

Thousands of alleged cases suffering from mystery cases have been reported in the last five years by US diplomats across a wide range of places including Vienna, Geneva, Paris, Beijing, and Havana among others. A report in the New York Times said that 1000 cases reviewed by the United States investigators could be explained. According to the CIA report, it was concluded that the symptoms could have been caused by environmental issues, undiagnosed medical issues, or stress, rather than due to a target by any foreign power. The report also mentioned that around two dozen cases could not be explained.

In September 2021, a member of the Bill Burns’ delegation had reported the same symptoms that are consistent with the syndrome in India and had to receive medical attention. 

Earlier the US officials suspected that the symptoms were caused by the Russian microwave attacks but scientists were doubtful of that theory. Russia, China, the United States are known to have researched microwaves for the purposes of the military but Moscow dismissed the alleged accusations citing them as fanciful hypotheses. 

As per the report that was published by the New York Times, it is highly unlikely that any mysterious ailment by Russia or any other foreign adversary has caused the symptoms in the diplomats. The CIA has not ruled out the possibility of foreign involvement in the two dozen unexplained cases. In all the other cases, plausible, alternate explanations have been found by the agency. 

The director of the CIA, Bill Burns has said that the investigation of these incidents will continue. He further added that the agency has reached significant findings but it is not done yet. The mission will continue to investigate the cases and world-class care will be provided to those who need it.

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