India’s stand consistent on six principles over Russia-Ukraine situation

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Foreign Minister S Jaishankar

On 24 March, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar in Rajya Sabha sitting was found stating that India’s stand on the Ukraine crisis is consistent on six principles and is within the nation’s interest. The six principles stated by the foreign minister were: Immediate hostility ceases, sovereignty and territorial integrity, humanitarian assistance, dialogue and diplomacy, Indian aid to Ukraine, and India’s relationship with Russia as well as Ukraine.

The GOI has highly emphasized that the global order is attached to the UN Charter, international law, and respect towards territorial integrity and sovereignty. The stand of India over the Russia-Ukraine crisis reflects these six principles. The Indian government is seen expressing its greatest concern regarding the rising war situation and has requested the forces at work to stop the violence and end the animosity between the involved parties.

Rajya Sabha
India’s stand consistent on six principles over Russia-Ukraine situation 6

Since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war, there have been many remarks from the West against India’s stand over the whole situation. The speech of the foreign Minister in the Rajya Sabha sitting has been a steadfast attempt to silence those queries on behalf of GOI. India has since the start restrained itself to vote at UNSC and thereby, restrained itself in condemning Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spoken with Vladimir Putin (Russian President) thrice until now and with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy twice. He has expressed his deep concern over the two country’s conflicting situations. The GOI has also expressed their view to all party concerned and have stated that in this conflict-rising situation, there is no but only the path of diplomacy and dialogue to solve the situation.

In the recent update, Ukraine troops have been working their way on recapturing towns of Kyiv while the Russian army is falling behind the line in their capture of the capital. Ukraine’s military has claimed to have destroyed ‘Orsk’, a Russian landing ship on 24 March. Video footage has been taken of the damage over the dock.

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