A murdered teen’s friend was asked, “Is she with you?” by an ex-BJP leader

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A murdered teen's friend was asked, "Is she with you?" by an ex-BJP leader

Two audio records that have surfaced a day after Pulkit Arya, the son of a senior BJP minister, was charged with the murder of a 19-year-old receptionist working at a Uttarakhand resort may assist prove Pulkit’s involvement in the crime. The audio tapes allegedly contain discussions between Pushp, a deceased friend, and Pulkit after the murder, during which the accused allegedly inquires of Pushp whether or not he knows where the victim is.
In the audio recordings, Pulkit appears to be making every effort to deceive Pushp when he is questioned about the victim, who vanished without a trace the day before after seeing her companions.

Pulkit is heard telling Pushp in the first audio clip that he traveled to Rishikesh with the victim and returned to the resort at about 9 o’clock. They soon realized the victim had vanished the following morning. He also said that he had loaned her his phone for the evening.

According to early findings, the woman’s body was left in the canal where Pulkit’s phone is believed to have landed following a quarrel between the two of them.

The woman had promised her pals that she would return to the resort by 8.30 p.m. and call them. Her friends attempted to get in touch with her after 8.30 p.m., but they were unable to since her phone was unreachable. Then, her friend Pushp started asking for the woman’s address by calling her friends.

After the murder, it’s believed Pulkit deliberately placed the victim’s body in the canal with the evil objective of pointing the finger at Pushp. He reasoned that since Pushp and the girl were good friends if the corpse were still missing, her parents would most likely report the incident to the authorities and hold Pushp accountable for any crime.

Perhaps, for this reason, Pulkit mused aloud during their phone discussion with Pushp that the receptionist might still be with him since they had been observed talking for so long. Pushp said the victim couldn’t possibly be with him since he was too far away.

A day after the crime, Pulkit reportedly tried to deceive the police and the victim’s companions even while he was at the police station. In the second audio clip, he may have claimed that he was at the police station looking for the resort receptionist. Pulkit made the false allegation that police would soon be looking into the phone histories of all of her friends to solve the case, which may put them in danger.

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