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The study of the past is known as history. Historical events are the foundation of human civilization. These events are crucial for competitive exams and everyday life, especially in the academic world.
See below for more information about similar events that occurred today on September 28, throughout India and around the world.

Important Day Today

Some days/dates are observed by various groups or a community, country, national, or international organisations in commemoration of a specific person, event, or acknowledgment. Let us look at the Important days in 28 September.

Famous People's Birthday on 28 September Birth Anniversary

Birthdays of notable people and popular celebrities who have set an example of living an inspiring life in front of society, country. Learn about famous personalities born on 28 September.

1999 - Anukreethy Vas Birthday Download App

Anukreethy Vas is an Indian model, beauty pageant titleholder and actress who was crowned Femina Miss India 2018.

1985 - Mouni Roy Birthday Download App Facebook Twitter

Mouni Roy (born 28 September 1985) is an Indian actress who primarily works in Hindi films and television.

1982 - Ranbir Kapoor Birthday Download App

Ranbir Kapoor is an Indian actor known for his work in Hindi-language films.

1982 - Abhinav Apjit Bindra Birthday Download App

Abhinav Apjit Bindra is an Indian Olympic gold medallist, retired sport shooter, and businessman.

1968 - Naomi Watts Birthday Download App

English/Australian actress Naomi Watts was born.

1962 - Akhilendra Mishra Birthday Download App Twitter instagram

Akhilendra Mishra is an Indian film and television character actor best known for his role as Kroor Singh in the 1990.

1949 - R. M. Lodha Birthday Download App

R. M. Lodha (born 28 September 1949) is a former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India.

1947 - Sheikh Hasina Birthday Download App

Bangladeshi politician and 10th Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was born.

1934 - Brigitte Bardot Birthday Download App

French actress and singer Brigitte Bardot was born.

1929 - Lata Mangeshkar Jayanti Download App YouTube Channel

Lata Mangeshkar was an Indian playback singer and occasional music composer.

1909 - Al Capp Jayanti Download App

American cartoonist Al Capp was born.

1907 - Bhagat Singh Jayanti Download App

Indian revolutionary Bhagat Singh was born.

Today's Death Anniversaries

Some people become famous because of their good work even after death. Today, on 28 September, on the death anniversary of those people, let us know about them so that they always remain present in our memories.
A list of Death Anniversaries of Famous People on 28 September:

2015 - Viren Dangwal Punyatithi Download App

Famous Hindi poet Viren Dangwal passed away

2012 - Brijesh Mishra Punyatithi Download App

India's first National Security Advisor Brijesh Mishra passed away.

2008 - Shivprasad Singh Punyatithi Download App

Famous Hindi litterateur Shivprasad Singh passed away.

1953 - Edwin Hubble Punyatithi Download App

Famous American astronomer Edwin Hubble passed away.

1895 - Louis Pasteur Punyatithi Download App

Famous French biologist Louis Pasteur passed away.

1891 - Herman Melville Punyatithi Download App

American writer Herman Melville passed away.

1837 - Akbar II Punyatithi Download App

Akbar II, the 18th emperor of the Mughal dynasty, died.

Today's Important Events At A Glance

DiwasWorld Rabies Day
Film World, EntertainmentMouni Roy Birthday, Ranbir Kapoor Birthday, Naomi Watts Birthday, Akhilendra Mishra Birthday, Brigitte Bardot Birthday, Lata Mangeshkar Jayanti, Al Capp Jayanti
Political World, Politicians R. M. Lodha Birthday, Sheikh Hasina Birthday, Brijesh Mishra Punyatithi, Akbar II Punyatithi
Sports World, Youth Sports Icon Abhinav Apjit Bindra Birthday
National Movement & Armed Forces Bhagat Singh Jayanti

History connects the past to the present and aids in the construction of the future. History teaches us what, when, and how it happened. E.H. Carr stated that history is the interaction of the past with the present. Today’s historical events are the foundation of human civilization. These developments teach us a lot. These events are very important for competitive exams, and everyday life, especially in the academic world.

We are presenting you with an account of such historical occurrences on You can study about historical events as well as those that affected the course of history on the website. 

Ultra News also features famous personality’s birthdays, Birthday specials, and Death anniversaries of famous persons.
Important dates asked in competitive exams such as UPSC, SSC, Banking, CAPF, Police, and so on. Visit the section ‘Today’s History – Aaj ka Itihas‘ to learn about past events today or stories that occurred on today’s date. This part will serve as a history library for you.

आज का इतिहास, महत्वपूर्ण दिवस, प्रसिद्ध व्यक्तित्व (जन्म-जयंती), विशिष्ट जन की पुण्यतिथियाँ, इतिहास में आज के दिन घटित घटनाक्रमों को जानने के लिए अल्ट्रान्यूज़ हिंदी ( के पॉपुलर सेक्शन “आज का इतिहास” को अवश्य पढ़ें।

Today History
Today History
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