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Kerela Story

What is the movie about?

The Kerela story is a compilation of the true story of three young girls from different parts of Kerela, who are coerced into converting to Islam. One of them was later manipulated into joining the terrorist forces of ISIS.

Kerela Story

The brainwashing of innocents

The story centres around how innocent girls that went to study in a nursing college were brainwashed by ISIS groups into religious conversion.


Directed by Sudipto Sen, as of May 21, 2023, the film had earned 198.97 crore in India and 5.76 crore abroad, making it the second-highest-grossing Hindi film of 2023.

Kerela Story

The plot

The lead in the movie, Adah Sharma is seen narrating the incidents of how she was taken into Syria by traversing and crossing the boundaries of Afghanistan. She also narrates the story of her two roommates who were threatened and forced to convert to Islam and go to Syria

Sudipto Sen said,

"We are telling the story of three girls. One girl is right now in Afghanistan jail. One girl committed suicide and her parents are still waiting for justice. One girl has been raped repeatedly and now she's in hibernation because her perpetrators are hounding her."

Kerela Story

According to the movie, the Kerela women were brainwashed and taken to Syria either to become suicide bombers or sex slaves.

The movie making rounds of controversy

The movie is a depiction of how terrorism gripped Kerela once. The instances narrated in the movie about the three girls are true. However, the unconfirmed number of women(32,000) has been receiving constant thrash on its inauthenticity.

Kerela Story


The movie has been declared tax-free in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh which are BJP-ruled states.

Banning of movies in West Bengal

The movie was banned in Mamta Banerjee-ruled, West Bengal. The state government mentioned that this move was taken under the pretext of promoting peace in the state.

Kerela Story