Easy ways to grow coriander at home.

Green leafy vegetables increase the nutrition of the vegetable as well as make the vegetable interesting in appearance.

Especially the green leaves of coriander and its stalks full of juice make the taste of the vegetable wonderful.

You can grow fresh and green coriander at your home in very easy ways. Let's know how?

Use seeds

You can easily get coriander plant seeds from any plant shop. You can easily plant coriander in a container, plastic bottle or pot with these seeds.

How to plant

Add coriander seeds to the pot or container. If you want, you can also use coriander seeds kept at home. Take care of the soil moisture and keep watering the plant. Coriander will grow in a few days.

Plant coriander by cutting

You can also grow coriander at home by taking coriander cuttings. By growing coriander, your kitchen garden will smell of coriander.

How to grow coriander from cutting

For this, first of all you have to prepare the soil properly. Then you have to plant coriander cuttings in it using soil and compost. After a few days you will get fresh coriander leaves.

Now you don't need to throw away the coriander root. You can grow green coriander in your home by using it.

Grow coriander from coriander root

How to grow coriander from root

Growing coriander this way is easy. For this, you have to sow the coriander root in the soil and water it daily. Add manure to it. You will be able to use green coriander in a few days.

Grow coriander without soil

If you want to grow coriander with this technique, then you have to take a mesh basket. Apart from this, you have to take a vessel filled with water. Crushed coriander seeds are to be put in the mesh basket. This basket has to be immersed in a vessel filled with water. You have to change the water of this vessel everyday.