Explore these tourist places in the month of March.

The weather is very pleasant to visit in the month of March. Also, due to the festivals of Holi and Shivratri in this month, many holidays are also available in this month.

In such a situation, making a plan to hang out with your family and friends will be absolutely perfect. But to enjoy this month, you must know about the best tourist places.

You can plan to go to Goa in March. In this month, the whole city will be painted in the colors of Holi. Here you will be able to enjoy Holi well as well.


It would be great to explore this beautiful place in the month of March. Here you can enjoy the waterfalls falling from the mountains, tea gardens and mountains.


You can go to visit Andaman in March. This place is the best to get away from the city noise. Here you will be able to feel relaxed and peaceful.

Havelock Island, Andaman

The weather of Lakshadweep is very nice in the month of March. While visiting here, you should not forget to enjoy the markets here. The beauty of the beach here will fascinate you.


Velas Village, Ratnagiri

Ratnagiri village is a very beautiful village situated on the west coast of Maharashtra. Turtle Festival is organized here in the month of March. You can enjoy this festival by going here.


You can enjoy trekking, fishing and white water rafting by visiting this place situated in the middle of the hills. Your heart will be happy seeing the green valleys all around here.


This city is located in West Bengal. The weather of this place is very pleasant in spring. Deer Park is also situated at a short distance from here, whose view will fascinate you.