How to celebrate Holi in office?

Whenever it comes to celebrate any festival, we celebrate it at home with our family and friends.

But when it comes to celebrating Holi, the festival of colors, in the office, we often wonder how to celebrate this festival in the office.

Today we have brought some such ideas for you, with which you can celebrate Holi very well in your office.

You can set canvas wall in your office. Everyone can write something good about their office by applying color on this wall with their hands.

set up canvas wall

The idea of ​​a photo shoot is an evergreen idea to celebrate any festival. For this, you can make a photobooth in any corner of your office.

Photo shoot

There can be no better idea than this to honor the seniors present in your office. Different colors of Holi will represent the achievements of your seniors in this function.

color award ceremony

Holi Special Lunch

On the day of Holi, you can have lunch together with everyone. If you want, you can also design a special menu for lunch, in which you can include spicy dishes as well as sweet dishes.

Decorating the office

In most of the offices, there is no prohibition in decorating the office on any special occasion or festival. You can also decorate your office in the best way by taking permission from your boss.

Musical chair

You can also celebrate Holi festival by playing musical chairs in the office. This game can be played very comfortably in the office and you don't even need any special equipment to play it.


You can also organize antakshari program in your office to make your office environment musical and refreshing. Everyone will enjoy it very much.