How to Hide Double Chin?

We try many tricks to look beautiful. Even we try face yoga to make our faces slim.

But even after doing this, the fat starts appearing on our face and mostly this fat is visible under our chin.

In such a situation, the fat under our chin increases, and our face starts looking bulky and saggy. But you can hide your double chin by adopting some easy tricks.

Face Roller

You can use a face roller to reduce face fat. This is a natural and best way to reduce the double chin from your face.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha is the best way to get the perfect shape for your face. You must use it as a part of your skincare.

Face massage

Massage is very beneficial for the face. By regularly massaging the face with light hands, you can get rid of the double chin. For best results, you should use face oil.


The quickest way to hide double chin is by using makeup. All you need is a little makeup under your chin area.


Contouring is a great idea to hide a double chin. When using a contouring cream or powder it is important to choose the correct shade according to your skintone and apply it under the jawline.

Choose the right brush

The right brush blends the contour with the makeup hiding the double chin. Use a dense brush to apply contour and a fluffy powder brush to blend it into the skin.

Blending is important

Blending is the key to a flawless contour. Whether using a cream or a powder contour blend it properly using a brush or a beauty blender to hide the double chin.

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