How to take care of hair on Holi?

During Holi, we get so excited to play Holi that we often forget to take care of our hair.

Along with synthetic colors, organic colors also harm our hair. That's why it is very important to take care of hair while playing Holi.

Holi colors contain chemicals which damage the hair as well as dry the scalp.

But by following these simple tips, you can save your hair from getting damaged.

Before playing Holi, you should apply oil on your hair properly. Oil acts as a lamination on your hair and protects your hair from damage.

Apply hair oil

Tie hair

Open hair is more damaged, so after applying oil to hair, you should not leave your hair open. You should make a hair bun immediately after applying oil to the hair.

Cover hair

Colors have a bad effect on the hair. Hence, to protect hair from damage caused by colours, you should cover your head with a scarf.

After the color of Holi falls on the hair, the hair becomes very dry. You should not use brush or comb on the hair dyed in the colors of Holi. This causes hair breakage.

Do not comb hair

If you are not able to remove Holi colors from your hair then you should wash your hair with cold water. Using cold water on your hair strips out the color from your hair and scalp.

Wash hair thoroughly

Use the right shampoo on your hair

Instead of using strong shampoo in hair, you should use mild shampoo to remove Holi colors from hair. Your shampoo should not contain parabens and sulfates.