How to take care of skin on Holi?

As soon as the festival of Holi approaches, the heart is filled with enthusiasm and new enthusiasm. In such a situation, we completely forget to take care of our skin with the dangerous colors of Holi.

But it is very important to keep the skin protected while playing Holi. You can protect your skin by following some simple tips.

Apply oil

Before playing Holi, massage your skin well with oil. It creates a layer on the skin to protect the skin.

Moisturize is very important to retain the moisture of your face. But you should use it according to your skin type.



You should use a good water-based toner to hydrate the skin. Clinically recommended toner or herbal toner should be used for moisture.

Scrub it

Before scrubbing your skin one last time, you should do some research on DIY scrubbing. With this, you will be able to remove the traces of colors along with dead skin cells.

Wear sunscreen

You must not forget to apply sunscreen on your skin before playing Holi. You should apply a sunscreen on your face that protects you from the sun.

Do the cleaning

To complete your skin care routine, you must use a good cleanser on your skin. For this you should use natural and mild cleanser.