Seeing these dishes on Holi will make your mouth water.

The fun of Indian festivals cannot come without tasting the taste of Indian cuisine. The celebration of Holi festival is also dull without the sweets and special dishes made on Holi.

Come let's know which are such delicious and mouth-watering dishes, by eating which you can enjoy the festival of Holi a lot.

Holi is no fun without Gujiyas. Gujiya is eaten with great gusto on Holi. It is very easy to make it at home. You can make it with rava, mawa, dry fruits etc.


People like to eat Dahi Bada on the festival of Holi. You can make vada at home very easily with urad dal or chana dal. You can serve it by adding spices on top.

Dahi Bada

There would be hardly any person who does not like Malpua. Malpua can be easily prepared by mixing maida, khoya, milk cream, dry fruits etc.


The person who did not dance and dance on Holi, did not celebrate Holi, that's why it is necessary to taste Thandai on Holi. Must drink Thandai on the special occasion of Holi.



On the day of Holi, there is a lot of dance after drinking cannabis. Along with making other vegetable fritters, you can also make bhang fritters on this day.


Dal kachoris are made a lot on the festival of Holi. If you want, you can serve this Kachori by putting spices on it. You can also enjoy potato or chickpea curry with it.

You can also serve this chaat to the guests who come to your house on Holi. This papdi can be easily made from white flour. You can serve this papdi by adding curd, chickpeas, chaat masala.

Dahi Papdi Chat