The majestic

years of the    Modi government

The new infrastructure of Parliament is in its final stages and is ready to open soon to mark the majestic 9 years of the Modi government.


After the Supreme Court’s verdict on Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir, the temple’s construction has picked up momentum. The construction of the holy abode would be completed by January 2024.

The Supre Court’s verdict on Ram Mandir


The BJP was able to revoke the most controversial article 370 which gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir. This was among the major issues in BJP’s manifesto.

The scrapping of the controversial article 370


The vaccine rollout program for immunization across the country led by the Modi government has received appreciation worldwide.

Covid Vaccination


The country’s first bullet train from New Delhi to Varanasi runs at an average speed of 95km/hr while having a permissible speed of 130km/hr for commercial services.

The emergence of the fastest Vande Bharat bullet trains


40 days after CRPF jawans were killed in a suicide car attack in the Pulwama attack, the India Air Force launched a Balakot air strike that led to the destruction of the terrorist training camp of Jaish-e-Mohammad in Balakot, Pakistan.

Balakot Air Strike


The practice of triple talaq was declared illegal and unconstitutional and made a punishable act in August 2019. The deplorable practice in Islam where a man could divorce his wife by pronouncing talaq three times was banned.

The end of Triple Talaq


With the introduction of a uniform tax on supplies and goods, India turned into one market.

The introduction of GST- One nation, one tax


The government of India has launched the scheme, “Make In India” in order to remove India’s dependence on Chinese goods and become self-reliant. With this, the Indian market has become highly competitive with other countries.

 Make in India


Due to a full majority of BJP’s government for the first time in 2014, PM Modi was seen entering the Parliament and bowing down at the steps of the Parliament to show his gratitude.

The victory of PM Modi for the first time in Parliament