What is special in the culture of Bihar?

From food to folk culture in India, you will definitely get to see something special in every state.

India's Bihar state is also very famous for its many things. Let us know some special things about Bihar.

Although Bihar has many such delicious and delicious dishes that win the hearts of food lovers, but the most popular and world-famous dish of Bihar is Litti Chokha.

popular dishes

Every state has its own state symbol. The state symbol of the state of Bihar is the Bodhi tree. The Peepal tree of the Mahabodhi temple in Gaya district of Bihar is called the Bodhi tree.

State symbol

You can go to visit Andaman in March. This place is the best to get away from the city noise. Here you will be able to feel relaxed and peaceful.

State animal

Sparrow is the state bird of Bihar. There used to be a time in Bihar when people were woken up by the chirping of the sparrow bird. Due to pollution and increase in population, their number has reduced considerably.

State bird

State flower

Marigold is the state flower of Bihar. Marigold flowers are found in every house in Bihar. Because of its popularity, the Bihar government declared it as the national flower in 2013.

State tree

You can enjoy trekking, fishing and white water rafting by visiting this place situated in the middle of the hills. Your heart will be happy seeing the green valleys all around here.

State game

The people of Bihar are also very expert in sports. Kabaddi is the state game of Bihar. Apart from Bihar, Kabaddi is also the state sport of Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Punjab, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh.

Bihar is the first state in India to declare Hindi as its official language. Urdu used to be the official language of Bihar till 1881.

Official Language (I)

kingdom prayer song

'May the rays of the sun be proud of my speed' is the state prayer song of Bihar. Famous singer Udit Narayan has given his voice to this song.