First speech by UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak: Full Text

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I just visited Buckingham Palace and accepted the invitation from His Majesty the King to establish government on his behalf. It is only proper that I explain my position as your new prime minister and why I am here.
Our nation is currently experiencing a severe economic crisis. The effects of COVID are still felt. [Vladimir] Energy markets and supply networks worldwide have become unstable due to Putin’s war in Ukraine.

I wish to honor Liz Truss, who was my predecessor. She was correct in her desire to boost this nation’s economic growth. It is a worthy goal. I also respected her determination to bring about change.

However, several errors were made. Not the result of malice or evil intent. Much the reverse, but mistakes nonetheless. And in part to fix them, I was chosen to lead my party and serve as your Prime Minister. And the task gets started right away.

I’ll prioritize economic competence and stability as the top priorities for our administration. There will be difficult choices to make as a result. However, you witnessed me during COVID doing everything in my power to safeguard individuals and organizations with plans like furlough. There are limitations, and they are more apparent than ever. But I swear to you, I’ll apply the same compassion to the difficulties we confront right now.

The government I run won’t leave your children and grandchildren with a bill to pay that we couldn’t handle ourselves. I will bring our nation together through action rather than just rhetoric. I’ll put forth a consistent effort to meet your needs.

Our government will be honest, competent, and accountable at every level. I’ll work hard to earn your trust. I’ll always appreciate Boris Johnson for all he accomplished as prime minister. I also value his friendliness and generosity of spirit. And I know he would concur that no one person owns the mandate my party won in 2019 entirely. It is a directive that belonged to and united everyone. And the heart of that mandate is our manifesto. I will deliver on its promise.

A more robust NHS (National Health Service), better schools, safer streets, border control, environmental protection, aiding in the upgradation of our armed forces, and creating an economy that seizes the opportunities presented by Brexit and encourages business investment, innovation, and job creation. I am aware of how challenging this situation is.

The dreadful Ukraine war must be seen through to its compelling conclusion after the tens of billions of pounds it cost us to defeat COVID and after all the disruption it created. I am aware of how difficult things are. And I realize I have work to do to win back people’s trust.

All I can say now that it has all transpired is that I am not intimidated. I know the high office I have taken and intend to fulfill its requirements. However, you can only question your readiness to serve when the chance arises. So I’m ready to lead our nation into the future, to put your needs above politics, to reach out and create a government that embodies the best traditions of my party, and I’m standing here in front of you to do it.

Together, we can accomplish amazing things. We will build a future deserving of the sacrifices many people have made and provide hope to today and every day moving forward.

Thank you.

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