Gurgaon Maruti Suzuki Intern Passes Away Following Jab, Quack Spotted Dumping Body

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Following the death of a 20-year-old Maruti Suzuki India intern due to suspected improper treatment in IMT, Manesar, a quack, was detained and charged with culpable murder, according to police.
CCTV footage from the intern’s PG, or paid-for lodging, showed the quack and his associate disposing of the intern’s body, the police said.

While working as an intern for Maruti Suzuki India at IMT, Leeladhar, a resident of Jaandwa village in the Churu region of Rajasthan, resided in a PG or paying guest residence in an adjacent Aliar village.

The intern’s uncle Ramavtar said in his police report that he learned about Leeladhar’s passing on Tuesday. After a forensic examination, the police turned over his remains, but Ramavtar claimed he had doubts about his nephew’s demise.

Ram Avtar stated in his complaint, “I studied the CCTV footage and discovered that my nephew had a fever and was being treated by Faieem, a quack from Amroha in Uttar Pradesh, at Aalam clinic in Aliar village.

“My nephew had an injection from the quack, who also asked him to rest in the clinic, but he passed shortly after. The imposter, who lacks a legitimate degree, summoned his friend Subhan, and together they dropped the corpse next to my nephew’s PG before running away. I then reported that to the police, “Added he.

The police crew returned to the scene in response to the allegation. Additionally, they looked at the CCTV tape where the charlatan and his companion were spotted dumping close to Leeladhar’s rental home.

The quack and his companion are the subjects of a First Information Report (FIR) filed under Indian Penal Code sections 201 (concealing evidence), 304 (II) (culpable homicide not amounting to murder), and 34 (shared purpose).

The suspect was detained on Thursday and, according to the police, has admitted to the crime.

“The detained person is a quack and lacks a legitimate degree. For further action, we have written to the civil surgeon. Raids are being carried out to find his collaborator, “Subhash Chand, SHO of the IMT, Manesar, police station, stated.

The police said that the quack was being brought before a municipal court and that they would ask for remand.

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