Anand Mahindra’s promise following information on Cyrus Mistry’s automobile accident

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Anand Mahindra's promise following information on Cyrus Mistry's automobile accident

Industrialist Anand Mahindra posted a pledge that he claimed “we all owe our families” as the police looked into the car accident that claimed the life of the former chairman of Tata Sons, Cyrus Mistry. His post centered on claims that Cyrus Mistry was not buckled up at the time and was sitting in the backseat.
“I commit to always buckle up, even in the backseat. And I implore you all to make that commitment as well. Each of us owes our families this, “The Mahindra Group’s chairman, Anand Mahindra, wrote.

On his trip from Udwada in Gujarat to Mumbai on Sunday, Cyrus Mistry, 54, was killed in an accident. He was riding in a vehicle with erstwhile independent director Darius Pandole,  a former independent director in the Tata Group, his wife Anahita Pandole, and brother Jehangir Pandole.
Anahita Pandole, a Mumbai-based gynecologist, was driving a Mercedes car. The police say she may have lost control of the car while overtaking another vehicle at high speed and hit a road divider.

Cyrus Mistry and Jehangir Pandole, according to police sources, were sitting in the back seat without seat belts. Darius and Anahita Pandole are in the hospital after suffering severe injuries.

The business community is in disbelief over Cyrus Mistry’s passing. Prime Minister Narendra Modi described him as a promising businessman who has faith in India’s ability to prosper economically.

After receiving feedback from the business regarding his performance, Cyrus Mistry was ousted as chairman of Tata Sons in a boardroom coup in 2016. The Tatas and Mistrys engaged in a protracted legal and boardroom conflict due to his removal. Cyrus Mistry’s removal was deemed legitimate by the Supreme Court last year.

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