Union Minister Requests Agriculture Students’ Assistance in Addressing Farm Sector Issues

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Union Minister Requests Agriculture Students' Assistance in Addressing Farm Sector Issues

On Friday, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar urged the students of a prestigious agriculture institute in this city to allow time to bring prosperity to the nation’s farm sector, which is currently experiencing several problems due to climate change and the effects of natural occurrences.

Speaking at the National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE) conference, he stated that the Center is trying to address the problems in the agricultural sector. He discussed ways to protect farmers’ interests in light of the effects of climate change, increase their income, expand the use of technology in agriculture, show farmers how to adopt new crops, and inspire the next generation to pursue careers in farming.

Work is underway on the Digital Agriculture Mission, Tomar said. He expressed confidence that the students of MANAGE would be doing a great service to the country if they spare some time, along with their jobs, on heralding prosperity in the country’s agriculture sector. He said that agriculture in the country has proved its relevance during the COVID-19 pandemic when the wheels of the world had stopped.
There was no shortage of foodgrains, vegetables and fruits during the pandemic, he said. Farmers in the country, through the government’s agriculture policies, fulfilled their obligation and helped in feeding the country and strengthening the agriculture economy, he said.

The country could help others in abroad also. He urged the graduating students of institute to keep fulfilling their responsibility towards agriculture, besides doing well in their jobs as farming depends on nature a lot though many facilities like subsidies, and irrigation facility are provided. Natural disasters can impact crops and the losses are reimbursed through protective measures like PM Fasal Bima Yojana, but that is not enough, he said.

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