Watch: A YouTuber Examines the Best Indian Restaurant in the U.S.

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Watch: A YouTuber Examines the Best Indian Restaurant in the U.S.

Indian cuisine has established itself in the world’s restaurant scene. It is not surprising to see Indian restaurants achieving success in the culinary world and receiving plaudits. But is the cuisine served there indeed traditional Indian fare? Or do they modify Indian flavors and spices to suit the nation they operate in? This is the precise topic of a recent popular video. Karl Rock, a well-known YouTuber, visited the Chai Pani restaurant in North Carolina, USA. Recently, the restaurant received the title of the most outstanding restaurant in the US. He assessed the restaurant’s food, and the clip went viral.

According to his YouTube bio, Karl Rice (also known as “Karl Rock”) is originally from New Zealand and presently resides in New Delhi. He frequently publishes articles about India’s fantastic cuisine and travel adventures. The James Beard Foundation gave Chai Pani, the restaurant he evaluated, the title of Most Outstanding Restaurant in the United States. “The best restaurant in America is an Indian one! So, is it genuine? Does it beat India? From Mumbai, I flew to find out. “He stated this in the video’s description, which was posted on October 28. Already, more than 278k people have viewed it.

Karl Rice showed us around Chai Pani in the video.
He described how people raved about the dish and lined up large numbers to eat it.
He sampled a variety of foods, including vada pav, bhel puri, aloo tikka chaat, sev batata puri, and mango lassi.
Karl also tried some traditional masala tea.
He claimed that while there were minor variances, the meal was generally comparable to the kind offered in India.

One person said, “The nicest part about the video was Karl educating his buddies about the nuances of the Indian food they were enjoying, in the most genuinely right way imaginable,” while another remarked, “Great Job Karl Rock. Need more streamers like you. I appreciate how honestly you described the meal!”

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