Digital Baba’s Narmada Yatra Updates

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Digital Baba's Narmada Yatra updates
Swami Ram Shankar | Digital Baba

We frequently assume that religion and technology cannot coexist. If you have the same thought, after learning about Digital Baba, you will forget about it forever. Swami Ram Shankar is Digital Baba’s real name. 

You’ve probably heard religious Babas preach about giving up attachment and staying away from social media. But it is only through social media that this Baba has become well-known among the general public. Swami Ram Shankar is known as the Digital Baba because he enjoys social media. This Baba is very active on a variety of social media platforms. His Facebook followers are in the thousands. Baba’s YouTube videos are also popular. His goal in using social media is to spread Indian culture and values to the younger generation.

Wanted to become a hero, became a spiritual teacher
During his college years, Digital Baba performed extensively on stage. Later on, he desired to make his acting as a source of his daily bread, for which he desired to act in films. But his wish was not granted. Then one day, in the dead of night, he abruptly left his home and set out in search of himself. Swami Shivcharan Das Maharaj initiated him to renounce worldly life. Thus began Digital Baba’s ascetic life.

Importance of Narmada River
Most of the Narmada River, the lifeline of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat, flows through Madhya Pradesh. The origin of the holy river Narmada is Amarkantak and its navel site is present in Nemawar Nagar. This river enters Gujarat via Omkareshwar, after which it merges into the Gulf of Khambhat. The ancient pilgrimage and town situated on the banks of river Narmada is proof of its mythological importance. In Hindu Puranas, the name of this river has also been mentioned as Reva. The circumambulations of this river has special significance.

Narmada river Digital Baba's Narmada Yatra Updates
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Narmada Yatra with selfie stick.
Young Sanyasi Ramshankar aka Digital Baba started Parikrama of Narmada river with a selfie stick and collar mick. Digital Baba had started Narmada Parikrama from Omkareshwar on Devuthani Ekadashi after duly worshiping at Gomukh Ghat and Kanya Bhoj.

The number of followers of Digital Baba, who takes youths to circumambulate the Narmada River through social media, is increasing day by day. At present, about one and a half lakh people from the country and the world are following him through social media platforms.

Baba’s Narmada Parikrama completed 80 days on Sunday, January 22. The main purpose of this yatra is to convey the problems of the local areas around here to the government. Apart from being an expert in iPhone, camera, and iPad operation, this Baba is also an expert in photographing from the right angle.

डिजिटल बाबा और उनकी नर्मदा यात्रा को हिन्दी में विस्तार से पढ़े !

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