Rahul Gandhi remembers his grandmother Indira Gandhi’s victory in the Karnataka Connect in 1978

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Rahul Gandhi remembers his grandmother Indira Gandhi's victory in the Karnataka Connect in 1978

China’s former president was escorted out on Saturday at Trichur (Karnataka). Rahul Gandhi, the head of the Congress, stated on Saturday the final day of the Bharat Jodo Yatra in Karnataka. In this state, elections are imminent, his family has a long history with the region, and his grandmother and mother both won significant elections.
He praised the people for their support, love, and fortitude while pointing out that this was the last day of the yatra in the state, which covered more than 500 miles. Earlier this week, the yatra entered Andhra Pradesh. And after that, the road turned back toward Karnataka.

“Karnataka and my family have a long history together. I’ll never forget how you helped (former Prime Minister) Indira Gandhi of Chikkamagaluru win (in 1978).

After the 45th day of the yatra here, Rahul Gandhi stated, “I can’t forget how you helped Sonia Gandhi win in Ballari (in 1999).

Then, to convey a message of unity to the party officials, he proceeded to the center of the platform, took the hands of the state Congress president, DK Shivakumar, and the leader of the Legislature Party, Siddaramaiah, and hoisted them in the air.

Before the next assembly elections, Mr. Siddaramaiah and Mr. Shivakumar, who are vying for the role of the chief minister, are engaging in a game of political one-upmanship in an effort to solidify their positions within the party’s state unit.

On Sunday morning, the Bharat Jodo Yatra will reach the neighboring state of Telangana.

The national foot march reached the state on September 30 in Gundlupet in the Chamarajanagara district. After traveling through numerous districts, it spent three days starting October 18 in neighboring Andhra Pradesh. On October 21, the yatra returned to Karnataka in Raichur.

Gandhi said that the BJP and RSS had incited violence and hate throughout the nation, saying, “They have sought to partition India by causing rifts between brothers.” Therefore, we have started the Bharat Jodo Yatra. He said that farmers in modern India believe their government is not protecting nor assisting them and that farming is not a lucrative career.

He said, “Farmers argue that the government is unwilling to provide them the MSP (minimum support price), which they have to obtain, about the tax/GST on fertilizers, tractors, pesticides, and diesel. I searched the streets of Karnataka for 20 to 22 days without seeing a single content farmer. According to the former AICC president, young people struggle to get employment despite having degrees, but if they have 80 lakh rupees, they may work as sub-inspectors in Karnataka.

This comment is a veiled allusion to the recruiting fraud for police sub-inspectors that caused a scandal in the state and is currently being investigated by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

He claimed that the state of Karnataka’s government receives a 40% commission on everything and that there have been numerous scams in the state, including a borewell scam worth 430 crores from a program that would have benefited SC/STs, a Bhovi corporation scam worth 150 crores, and scams involving the Ambedkar, Valmiki, and Babu Jagjivan Ram development corporations. In Karnataka, only scams exist.

Additionally, he interacted with MGNREGA employees, Dalit women from Raichur, and members of minority communities.

The party leader reportedly stated that he thought the “definition of India is a friendly place for everyone” at a meeting with leaders of minority communities, according to a news release from Congress.

Gandhi continued by stating that he was “very upset by the manner a select few people who control India were treating minorities, women, Dalits, and small businesses,” and assured everyone that the divisiveness and hatred fostered by the BJP and RSS would not last long.

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