Typhoon Talas slams Japan, leaving 2 dead and many without power

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After Typhoon Talas dropped record-breaking rainfall on the area on Sunday, causing floods and landslides and leaving at least two people dead, thousands of people in central Japan were left without running water and electricity.
A landslide in Kakegawa city, Shizuoka area, wrecked the man’s home, which was where his corpse was found on Saturday, a regional disaster management official told AFP.

“On Saturday, a different man was on his way home from work in the nearby Fukuroi city when the water level increased, and his car appeared to have stopped. The man was suspected of having passed away while attempting to walk home, “added the official.

After his car slid into a gap that appeared on the road in Kawanehoncho town in Shizuoka, another guy was still unaccounted for,  adding that three others suffered minor injuries.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, Typhoon Talas pummelling central Japan on Friday and Saturday as it passed by close off the Pacific coast, pouring more than 40 centimeters (16 inches) of rain in Shizuoka villages in a single day.

Before heading back out to the Pacific on Saturday morning, it was reduced to a depression.

Up to 120,000 homes may have lost power on Saturday due to the storm’s heavy rains creating landslides, especially in the isolated mountains of Shizuoka. This is because numerous electricity pylons fell and broke as a result.

According to the local firm Chubu Electric Power, 2,910 homes in Shizuoka and the neighboring Gifu area were still without electricity as of Sunday afternoon.

The utility stated: “As for those places where recovery teams cannot get following landslides due to blocked roads, we will make progress while analyzing the conditions of the landslides.

Debris choked a water intake in Shizuoka, leaving almost 55,000 homes without running water.

Municipal officials collaborated with the coast guard to supply citizens with clean water.

“We are now cleaning out a water inflow of rubbish. However, at this time, we cannot provide a time estimate for its restoration. “The regional administration made the announcement early on Sunday.

Typhoons often cause significant damage to Japan in the summer and fall.

Typhoon Nanmadol struck southern Japan this weekend, leaving 147 people injured and four dead.

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