Do Birth Control Pills and Injections Causes Infertility?

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birth control pills and infertility
birth control pills and infertility

There are many methods of contraception, but the most popular are birth control pills and injections. A report says that they are used for contraception 65% of the time. For many years, women keep consuming pills, which also affects their body a lot. In a way, these methods of birth control affect the hormones and this is the reason that vomiting, diarrhea, problems in periods, etc. can bother you a lot.

But can birth control pills and injections affect fertility as well?

Medical research says that these birth control pills can cause temporary problems. How long the problem lasts depends on the use of the pills. The drugs used in some brands affect the body for a long time. If you have used birth control pills for a long time, infertility may occur for a few weeks after you stop taking the pills.
Similarly, injections also have an effect, but injections are given for a fixed period. For example, once injected, its effect can last from 1 month to 6 months. Although there are many methods of contraception, but these are the only two which are considered the cheapest and easiest.

What is the correct method of contraception?
You must contact the gynecologist once about what can be the right method of contraception. It also depends on what kind of family planning you have, whether you should use pills or go for a permanent method. One problem that many women face is that due to prolonged use of the pills, their body starts showing various side effects.

Apart from these, birth control patches are also used, which have not become very popular in India yet, but gradually their trend can be seen. Many doctors also recommend using them for temporary birth control.

In such cases, it would be better to seek medical advice. By getting an intrauterine device like Copper-T etc., you can get permanent or long-term protection. This is the reason why you should think more about it. The method of birth control can be decided by a gynecologist based on your fertility and health reports. Hormonal pills are not suitable for many women, so you can ask about some permanent method.

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