World AIDS Day 2023: Its Importance and Theme

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World AIDS Day 2023
World AIDS Day 2023

World AIDS Day is celebrated every year on 1 December. On this day, efforts are made to spread awareness among people about AIDS. AIDS is a dangerous disease, the only cure for which is prevention. In this disease the body’s immune system becomes weak and is unable to protect itself from diseases. It is caused by infection with HIV virus. World AIDS Day is celebrated to remove the taboo associated with this disease. Let us know what is the importance, theme and history of this day.

Why is AIDS Day celebrated?

On this day people are made aware about the ways to prevent AIDS. There are many myths in our society regarding AIDS, about which there is a lack of information among the people. An attempt is made to provide information about how AIDS spreads, ways to prevent it, its tests, myths related to it, etc. People have many misconceptions about HIV positive people, efforts are made to remove them on this day. On this day, an attempt is made to motivate the entire society to come together and fight AIDS.

For the first time, World AIDS Day was celebrated on December 01, 1988. According to 2022 data from the World Health Organization, about 36 million people around the world are HIV positive. To avoid and prevent this, it is important for people to be aware. Celebrating World AIDS was started with this purpose.

World AIDS Day 2023 theme

This year the theme of World AIDS Day is Let Communities Lead. This theme has been chosen to make people aware about the important role of society in preventing AIDS. This theme has also been chosen to appreciate the significant contributions that society has made so far in the fight against AIDS.

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