98 countries and 809 companies will participate in Asia’s biggest Aero show – Aero India 2023 

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98 countries and 809 companies will participate in Asia's biggest Aero show – Aero India 2023
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the 14th edition of Aero India 2023 on Monday. It was inaugurated at the Yelahanka Air Force Station in Bengaluru. This Aero show will be organized for 5 days. The main objective of this Aero show is to showcase indigenous equipment/technology as well as focus on building partnerships with foreign companies. The special thing about this Aero show is that a total of 98 countries are participating in it and at the same time 809 companies will showcase their Aerospace and defense capabilities.

Air Chiefs of 29 countries and Defense Ministers of 32 countries will also participate in this Aero show. Through this Aero show, India’s defense capability will be displayed to the whole world. This Aero show is considered important to fulfill the vision of ‘Make in India’ and ‘Make for the World’. The theme of Aero India 2023 is “The Runway to a Billion Opportunities”.

PM Modi said during the inauguration,that the sky of Bengaluru is witnessing the potential of New India. This is testifying that new height is the reality of new India. Today the country is touching new heights and is also crossing them. Aero India is an example of India’s growing capabilities. The presence of around 100 countries here shows that the trust of the world has increased in India. More than 700 exhibitors from India and the world are participating. It has broken all previous records.

He further said that Aero India reflects the new vision of New India. There was a time when it was considered just a show. But in the last few years, the country has changed this perception. Today it is not just a show off but also a strength of India. It focuses on the scope of the Indian defense industry and self-confidence. Today, India is not just a market for defense companies in the world but a potential defense partner. This partnership is also with those countries which are far ahead in the defense sector. Countries that are looking for a reliable partner for their defense needs.

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