Do You Know How to Pay Traffic Challan Online?

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How to Pay Traffic Challan Online
How to Pay Traffic Challan Online

Filling online traffic challan is easy. Pay the challan as soon as it is deducted, but what if the challan comes online? Many people do not know the process of online challan.

There is not much problem in filling offline challan as you can pay the challan as soon as it is deducted, but what about online challan? An uncle of mine had asked me the same question. His online challan was deducted, but he could not understand how to make the payment. If there is such a problem with you too, then let us tell you the process of filling online challan.

Most Important Thing to Pay Traffic Challan Online

Different cities have different traffic portals. Like all government schemes, how the online challan will be filled will depend on your state and city. However, most websites have the same process. There is also a government national website through which the challan can be filled. How your challan will be generated depends on which website you are using.

Steps to Fill Online Traffic Challan:

First of all login by going to Most people have problems with the Google Chrome browser. You can also open the website of your state instead. Search by typing e-challan online.

  • When the e-challan website opens, click on check challan status.
  • This page will show you three options – through challan number, through vehicle number, through driving license. Choose the option according to your choice along with filling the captcha.
  • If there is a valid challan, then investment options will appear in front of you.
  • After making the payment, you will get the message of verification.
  • Pay e-challan through UPI or other online payment mode.
  • An easy way is also to fill e-challan online. However, this method is supported by only a few states. If the challan is deducted in Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, Faridabad, Maharashtra, Telangana, then you can fill it through UPI or other online payment mode.
  • You will see the E-Challan page in Paytm. This option applies to both the website and the app.
  • Paytm will show you the valid invoice. You have to select the e-challan authority. Its option will appear in the drop down menu.
  • It is possible that here also you will be asked for challan number, driving license number or vehicle number.
  • Now you will get the payment option.

Keep Few Things in Mind to Fill Online Traffic Challan

  • Fill the e-challan within a few days. If you delay, you may have to pay a penalty.
    If you are filling the challan through the website of your state, then check its process online first.
  • Netbanking will be better than UPI for payment. Many times UPI payments from government websites get stuck.

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