German Singer Cassandra Spitmann Meets PM Modi in Tamil Nadu

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Cassandra Spitmann meets PM Modi
Cassandra Spitmann meets PM Modi

21 year old singer Cassandra May Spitman loves Indian culture. She is known for singing devotional songs in multiple languages ​​– Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali and Kannada.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a pleasant meeting with German singer Cassandra Mae Spitzmann and her mother in Palladam, Tamil Nadu on Tuesday. During his conversation, Spitman displayed his musical talent by singing “Achyutham Kesavam“, a Tamil song. A video capturing the musical exchange was shared by news agency ANI, giving a glimpse of the adorable performance.

PM Modi Lounds Spittmann In Mann ki Baat

Spitman’s musical talent had earlier caught the attention of Prime Minister Modi, who mentioned him in one of his hugely popular monthly radio programmes, Mann Ki Baat. The Prime Minister’s acknowledgment of his talent further raised his profile, showcasing his love for Indian culture and dedication to music.

Who is Cassandra Mae Spitman?

Despite being born blind, Spitman pursued his love for music passionately and specialized in devotional songs in various Indian languages ​​such as Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali and Kannada. Her deep connection with Indian culture is evident from her Instagram profile, where she describes herself as an “India-loving German singer-songwriter” who has over five lakh Instagram followers.

Spitman’s singing career

Prime Minister Modi had earlier appreciated Spitman’s talent in Mann Ki Baat, introducing her to the audience and highlighting his charming voice and his heartfelt expressions in every presentation. Spitman’s journey in music has been marked by notable achievements, including appearances on radio and television, collaborations with international artists, and recognition for his compositions in prestigious platforms such as Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Spitman’s international recognition

Spitman’s dedication to his art has earned him domestic and international accolades, with her performances loved by audiences around the world. As she continues to mesmerize listeners with her sonorous voice and profound musical expression, Spitman’s journey serves as an inspiring testament to the power of passion and perseverance in the pursuit of one’s dreams.

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