Major Shaitan Singh death anniversary: 18 November

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Major Shaitan Singh death anniversary: 18 November

Param Vir Chakra is India’s highest military honour, awarded to members of the Indian Armed Forces who have displayed indomitable courage and gallantry in the face of the enemy during combat. One such Paramveer was – Major Shaitan Singh Bhati. Major Shaitan Singh was given this honor for his extraordinary bravery and leadership ability in the ‘Battle of Rezang La’ during the India-China war of 1962. Today, on his death anniversary, 18th November, let us know some things about him through this article.

Major Shaitan Singh Bhati Biography in Hindi

Shaitan Singh Bhati was born on December 1, 1924 in Banasar village of Jodhpur district of Rajasthan. His father was Lieutenant Colonel Hem Singh. Singh completed his secondary education from Chopasni Senior Secondary School, Jodhpur. After completing high school in 1943, Singh attended Jaswant College and graduated in 1947.

Shaitan Singh joined the Jodhpur State Army as an officer on August 1, 1949. After independence, when Jodhpur merged with India, he was assigned to the Kumaon Regiment. On November 25, 1955, he was promoted to the rank of Captain and participated in operations in the Naga Hills as well as the Indian takeover of Goa in 1961. He was later promoted to the rank of Major on June 11, 1962.

During the Sino-Indian War in 1962, the 13th Battalion of the Kumaon Regiment was deployed in the Chushul sector. C (Charlie) Company, under Singh’s command, was at a post at Rezang La. Major Shaitan Singh was commanding a company of 13 Kumaon at an altitude of about 17,000 feet in Rejang La in Jammu and Kashmir.

On November 18, 1962, Chinese soldiers launched a massive attack on their hideout. 120 soldiers of Charlie Company of 13th Kumaon were attacked by about 600 people of China. Major Shaitan Singh’s company was in a defensive position. Instead of being deterred by this attack, these brave Ahirs of the Indian Army responded by launching a fierce attack on the Chinese. Hundreds of Chinese soldiers were killed in this attack by Indians.

Major Shaitan Singh kept moving from one platoon to another, firing at the enemy and encouraging his soldiers. Despite great danger to his life he continued to fight. In this battle, he was injured several times while moving from one platoon to another without any protective cover and was ultimately martyred on 18 November 1962.

The body of Major Shaitan Singh was found three months later at the same place behind a rock in that snowy area. It was taken to Jodhpur and cremated with full military honours. Major Shaitan Singh was awarded the highest wartime gallantry medal, Param Vir Chakra, for his indomitable courage, leadership and exemplary devotion to duty.

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Major Shaitan Singh death anniversary: 18 November 6

Official Citation

“Major Shaitan Singh was commanding a company of the Ahir infantry battalion deployed at Rezang La in Chushul sector at an altitude of about 16,000 feet. The area was separate from the main defense area and consisted of five platoon-defended positions. On November 18, 1962, the Chinese army fired on the company’s position with heavy artillery, mortars and small arms fire and attacked with overwhelming force in several consecutive waves. Despite overwhelming odds, our troops repulsed continuous enemy attacks. During the action, Major Shaitan Singh dominated the operation site and moved from platoon post to platoon post at great personal risk, maintaining the morale of his determined platoon posts. While doing so he was seriously wounded but continued to encourage and lead his men, who followed his brave example and fought valiantly and inflicted heavy losses on the enemy. For every man we lost, the enemy lost four or five. When Major Shaitan Singh became physically incapacitated due to wounds to his arms and stomach, his men tried to evacuate him but came under heavy machine-gun fire. Major Shaitan Singh then ordered his men to abandon them to their fate to save their lives. Major Shaitan Singh’s supreme courage, leadership and exemplary devotion to duty inspired his company to fight almost to the last man.”

Paramveer Chakra: 21 Paramveers who became immortal in the pages of history

Name Rank Date
Somnath Sharma Major 3 Nov 1947
Jadunath Singh Naik 6 Feb 1948
Rama Raghoba Rane Second Lieutenant 8 Apr 1948
Piru Singh Company Havildar Major 17 Jul 1948
Karam Singh Lance Naik 13 Oct 1948
Gurbachan Singh Salaria Captain 5 Dec 1961
Dhan Singh Thapa Major 20 Oct 1962
Joginder Singh Subedar 23 Oct 1962
Shaitan Singh Major 18 Nov 1962
Abdul Hamid Company Quarter Master Havildar 10 Sep 1965
Ardeshir Tarapore Lieutenant Colonel 11 Sep 1965
Albert Ekka Lance Naik 3 Dec 1971
Nirmal Jit Singh Sekhon Flying Officer 14 Dec 1971
Arun Khetarpal Second Lieutenant 16 Dec 1971
Hoshiar Singh Dahiya Major 17 Dec 1971
Bana Singh Naib Subedar 23 May 1987
Ramaswamy Parameshwaran Major 25 Nov 1987
Manoj Kumar Pandey Lieutenant 3 Jul 1999
Yogendra Singh Yadav Grenadier 4 Jul 1999
Sanjay Kumar Rifleman 5 Jul 1999
Vikram Batra Captain 7 Jul 1999

Tribute to 21 immortal martyrs from a grateful nation!

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