Onam Celebrations: What is Onam Sadhya?

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According to the Malayalam calendar, the festival of Onam is celebrated with great pomp in Thiruvonam Nakshatra in the month of Chingam in South India. This year the festival of Onam will be celebrated on 29 August 2023, Tuesday. According to religious beliefs, worshiping the Vamana avatar form of Lord Vishnu on this special day brings wealth and prosperity in life. At the same time, this emperor Mahabali again comes to earth to meet his subjects.

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What is Onam Sadhya?

The most special thing about Onam festival is Sadhya which means ‘feast’ or ‘feast’. Sadhya consists of traditional vegetarian Malayalam dishes. 24 to 28 types of salty, sour and sweet dishes are served in banana leaves. Let us know about it in detail.

Only vegetarian dishes are served at Sadhya

All the dishes included in the Sadhya Thali prepared on the occasion of Onam are completely vegetarian. Apart from being delicious in taste, they are also beneficial for health. Along with the variety, the names of these dishes also vary a lot. Sambar, Uperi, Cheeni Varahi, Naranga Curry, Manga Curry and Rasam are some of the dishes that are definitely served in Sadhya.

The goal is incomplete without this special chutney

A special type of chutney is definitely served in Sadhya, without which this Onam Sadhya is considered incomplete. This chutney is made from ginger and jaggery, which is called ‘Enji curry’. Along with this, rice, olan, kalan, chain i.e. suran curry, parippu curry, pachadi, pullussari, alisaari, peacock i.e. sour raita are also a part of this thali.

Coconut is used in vegetable

Avial vegetable is definitely included in the sadhya thali prepared on the occasion of Onam. This is a mixed vegetable, which is made from many types of green and seasonal vegetables. Apart from this, cabbage (Toran) curry is also served in this plate. Coconut is used in different ways to make these vegetables.

Jaggery halwa is definitely included

Sweet dishes are also served in the Sadhya Thali. Jaggery kheer is especially important, which is called payasam. This is also of 3 types. Kheer made of white flour is called Palada, Kheer made of wheat is called Godamba and Kheer made of Arhar dal is called Pajam. Apart from this, kheer of rice and vermicelli is also made, but jaggery is used instead of sugar.

The way of serving Sadhya is very different and special. Sadhya is served in banana leaf only. It is a belief that the achiever should eat while sitting on the ground. According to ancient beliefs, eating food while crossing the legs helps in proper digestion and also has a favorable effect on the body.


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