Uncontrollable situation in Syria and Turkey: More than 15,000 people perished 

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Uncontrollable situation in Syria and Turkey: More than 15,000 people perished
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After the earthquake that caused severe vibrations in Turkey and Syria, the situation is out of control. More than 15,000 fatalities have occurred here so far. On the other hand, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the president of Turkey, has acknowledged the flaws in Wednesday’s relief efforts. After receiving online criticism, the president of Turkey has only traveled to one of the worst-affected regions. The earthquake’s epicenter was at Kahramanmaras. The President has acknowledged this place’s inadequacies and added, “Of course, there are shortcomings. It is clearly visible. It is not possible to be prepared for such a disaster. 

Turkey continues to struggle for food and shelter
Large buildings and houses in Turkey were razed to the ground due to the strong tremors of an earthquake with a magnitude of more than 7. Countless people are still trapped under the debris of the buildings. Due to the severe cold in Turkey, the relief work has been greatly affected. The relatives of the people trapped in the debris are constantly pleading for help but help is not reaching them. On the other hand, the rescue team is trying to extract the living people from the debris even after the tremors of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake. Twitter was also down on Turkish mobile networks, according to AFP journalists and the Netblox web monitoring group. Earthquake survivors are struggling to find food and shelter in Turkey.

Efforts are on to save innocent lives
More than 72 hours have passed since the tremors of the earthquake were felt in Turkey. According to disaster experts, it becomes very difficult to save the life of any living person after such a time. But despite this, the team engaged in the rescue team  is working with full hard work. On Wednesday, teams pulled out children buried under rubble in Turkey’s “Hatay” province.

The European Union is making plans to help
In view of Turkey’s extremely difficult situation, the European Union has decided to help Turkey. The European Union is planning to hold a conference in Brussels in March to support Syria and Turkey internationally. EU chief Ursula von der Leyen said on Twitter: “Together we are now racing against time to save lives. Von der Leyen said, “When a tragedy like this befalls people, no one should be left alone. 

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