What is Women’s Reservation Bill? How is it Helpful for women?

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Women’s Reservation Bill
Women’s Reservation Bill

Women’s Reservation in the Special Session of the Parliament: If the Women’s Reservation Bill is passed in the Rajya Sabha, women will get 33 percent reservation in the Lok Sabha, Delhi Assembly and the Legislative Assemblies of all the states.

After this historical change, women’s participation in active politics will increase:

  • 33 percent seats reserved for women
    Women’s Reservation Bill- In this bill, 33 percent seats have been reserved for women in the Lok Sabha. It has been introduced under the 128th Constitutional Amendment Bill. After this amendment, one-third participation in the Lok Sabha will be from women. This bill will strengthen women empowerment and also promote representation of half the population. Under this, 33 percent seats will be reserved for women even among the seats allotted for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.
  • Women’s participation will increase
    The Women’s Reservation Bill also has a provision to increase the representation of women in the Delhi Assembly. Under this, one-third participation of women in Delhi Assembly will also become mandatory. This will give momentum to women to move forward in active politics in the national capital. After this law, at least 181 women MPs will be elected to the Lok Sabha, currently the number of women members in the House is 82.
  • Reservation will have effect for 15 years
    If this bill is passed, the participation of women will increase in the Lok Sabha, Delhi Assembly and Legislative Assemblies of all the states. The reservation brought for women will remain in effect for 15 years. Along with this, there is a provision that the allocation of seats will be done under the rotation system.

No MP voted in protest

Rajya Sabha on Thursday (September 21) unanimously passed the bill to provide 33 percent reservation for women in the Lok Sabha as well as state assemblies. 214 MPs voted in support of the bill. At the same time, no MP voted against this bill. The Women’s Reservation Bill has been pending for the last 27 years. It was first introduced on 12 September 1996 by the HD Deve Gowda government.

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