World Tribal Day

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World Tribal Day
World Tribal Day

World Indigenous Peoples Day The International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples is celebrated annually on 9 August to promote and protect the rights of indigenous peoples. In 1982, the United Nations constituted a working group for the welfare of tribals, whose meeting was held on 9 August 1982. Since then, the United Nations announced to celebrate ‘World Tribal Day’ every year on August 9 in its member countries.

How is World Tribal Day celebrated?

  • World Tribal Day is celebrated every year on August 9, tribal communities living in different regions all over the world organize community events.
  • Expressing happiness collectively by celebrating as a celebration of their civilizations and customs.
  • Tribal communities are nature worshippers. On these days, on the occasion of happiness, all the creatures, animals, mountains, rivers, streams, fields, sun, moon etc. are worshiped in nature. Tribal communities believe that there is life in everything in nature.
  • The event also recognizes the achievements and contributions that indigenous peoples make to improve world issues such as environmental protection.

In which state of India how many tribals live?

Jharkhand 26.2%
West Bengal 5.49%
Bihar 0.99%
Uttar Pradesh 0.07%
Arunachal 68.08%
Tripura 31.08%
Mizoram 94.04%
Manipur 35.01%
Sikkim 33.08%
Meghalaya 86.01%
Nagaland 86.05%
Assam 12.04%

What is the population of tribals in the world?

There are 370 million tribal people living in the world, who have always followed their civilization and customs closely. The people of the tribal community still eat food in the utensils found in the excavation of Harappan culture and Mohenjodaro. The constitutional name of tribal in India is Scheduled Tribe. According to the 2011 census, whose population is 10.45 crores, which is 8.6% of India’s population.

The major tribal communities of India are Munda, Bodo, Bhil, Oraon, Lohar, Pardhan, Khasi, Sahariya, Gond, Khadiya, Ho, Santhal, Meena, Birhor, Pardhi, Andh, Tokare, Malhar, Koli, Takankar etc.

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