Complete Burning of Diya Batti: Is it a Good Sign or Bad Sign?

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Complete Burning of Diya Batti
Complete Burning of Diya Batti

Lighting a lamp is considered very auspicious in Sanatan Dharma. The flame of the lamp is considered a symbol of fire. Fire has the energy to purify and posit. Because of this it is considered sacred and revered.

According to tradition, no puja is considered complete without lighting a lamp. By burning it, all the bhagwan’s are pleased and positive energy is also transmitted in the house. Besides, there is happiness, peace and prosperity in the house. Now in such a situation I saw the wick of the lamp burning completely. This gives signals to many types of people.

Know the Niyam of Lightning Diya

Lighting a lamp in the home temple provides many benefits to a person, but according to astrology, the rules for lighting a lamp have been explained in detail. It is very important to follow these. It is said that by lighting a lamp of ghee or mustard oil in front of the bhagwan, auspicious results can also be obtained.

Signs Given by Completely Burn Diya Batti

While worshiping the deity, a lamp of ghee and mustard oil is lit, but many times it happens that the lamp gets extinguished mid-way and sometimes the entire wick gets burnt. Indications for this have also been mentioned. According to astrology, it is said that if a person lights a lamp and the wick burns completely, then any wish of that person is going to be fulfilled soon and he can also get rid of the enemy. It also means that God’s blessings are upon you.

If any person’s lamp goes out midway, it means that you need to concentrate and keep working hard. Only then can we achieve success in the future.

Auspicious Sign Is Given by the Flame of the Lamp

  • If a flower forms in someone’s lamp, it means that your worship is reaching God and God is satisfied with your worship. Also he is helping you in some way or the other.
  • If a flute is formed in the flame of the lamp, it means that the love and blessings of Bhagwan Shri Krishna are upon you and you may receive good news soon.

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