Why should Sankh not be offered to Bhagwan Shiva?

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Why should Sankh not be offered to Bhagwan Shiva
Why should Sankh not be offered to Bhagwan Shiva

There are many items in Hindu religion whose use during puja is considered auspicious and fruitful. Keeping sankh at home and using it in worship is considered very beneficial. For this reason, sankh is blown in the worship of every God and Goddess and there is also a rule to offer sankh to everyone. However, use of sankh is prohibited in Shiva worship. Let us know the reason behind this.

Why should sankh not be offered to Bhagwan Shiva?

According to the scriptures, sankh is completely prohibited in the worship of Bhagwan Shiva. Neither is it acceptable to offer water to Shivalinga with a sankh, nor is it considered appropriate to offer sankh to Bhagwan Shiva, nor should one blow the sankh in the worship of Bhagwan Shiva.

There is a mythological story behind it:

  • According to the story, there was a demon named Shankhachud who created havoc not only on earth but in all the worlds with his atrocities. Troubled by the atrocities of Shankhachudha, all the gods reached Bhagwan Shiva.
  • Bhagwan Shiva told the gods that the pot of Shankhachudha’s sins was about to be filled and as soon as that pot was filled, he himself would go to kill him. After some time, when the time came to kill Shankhachudha, Bhagwan Shiva challenged him for war.
  • According to the legend, the war between Mahadev and Shankhachudha was very fierce. During the war, Bhagwan Shiva had killed Shankhachudha with his trident. After this, his body was burnt to ashes due to the blow of the trident.
  • After being burnt to ashes, the sankh originated from the ashes of the same body. Since Bhagwan Shiva had killed Shankhchudha, sankh is used in the worship of all the gods and goddesses and sankh is offered but it is prohibited to offer sankh to Bhagwan Shiva.

Through the information given in this article, you can also know why the use of sankh is considered prohibited in Shiva worship and why sankh should not be offered to Bhagwan Shiva. If you have any questions related to our stories, then tell us in the comment box given below the article. We will keep trying to provide correct information to you. If you liked this story, then please share it. To read more such stories, stay connected to Ultranews.

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