Daughters Day 2023: What is its importance and history

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Happy Daughters' Day
Happy Daughters’ Day

Some consider daughters as a gift given by God, while others consider them a beautiful moment given by fate. Everyone wants a daughter to be born in their house so that her life can be happy with lots of happiness. Daughters are loved by the father, daughters are loved by the mother and in today’s time, daughters are no less than sons. It is often said that daughters manage two houses simultaneously: before marriage, their parents’ house and then their husband’s house. That is why it is said that daughters are the pride of the house.

Daughters Day is celebrated every year in September for all daughters. This year this day will be celebrated on 24th September. Let us tell you some special things related to it, knowing which you will also be able to understand its importance very well.

What is the history of Daughters Day

Discrimination against boys and girls is often seen in our society. To remove this, the United Nations took the initiative on 11 October 2012 to honor girls and make people understand their importance and named the day after daughters. After this initiative of the United Nations, Daughters Day is celebrated all over the world. This day is celebrated every year in India on the last Sunday of September. This time it will be celebrated on 24th September.

Why is Daughters Day celebrated?

The purpose of celebrating this day is not that every daughter will be praised on this day. Rather, this day is celebrated so that people can be made aware about girls. They can be told the true importance of a daughter so that in future they can spread this awareness in the society and give a new identity to the lives of daughters. On this day, different programs are also organized in which everything related to daughters is told openly, so that everyone can give them as much respect and rights as boys get.

What is the importance of Daughters Day?

This day is celebrated to bring change in the ideas related to daughters in the society. Its importance is to tell people that in today’s changing times, girls are as capable and skilled as boys. She knows how to work in every way. If you give opportunities to daughters to be born or to move ahead, it will encourage them. The importance of celebrating this day is for those people of the society who still consider daughters as just a burden. This day is celebrated to change their thoughts.

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