Kalaripayattu: The World’s Oldest Martial Art

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Kalaripayattu is one of the oldest martial art forms in the world. It was born in Kerala about 5 thousand years ago. There is a very interesting story associated with this ancient art. According to ancient folklore, when Parashurama, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, threw his ax into the Arabian Sea, a piece of land emerged from it, which later became Kerala. In such a situation, to protect this earth, he taught Kalaripayattu to 21 disciples. Let us know very interesting things related to this.

Mother of All Martial Arts

It is said that Bhagwan Parashuram had established 64 Gurukuls to impart training in Kalaripayattu. Kalari means battlefield and Kalaripayattu is actually an ancient martial art. It not only has Combat and Defense Techniques, it also has Weapons for Training. Besides this, it also has an unmatched combination of yoga and healing techniques. This is the reason why it is also called Mother of All Martial Arts.

Four Stages of Kalaripayattu

It is said that there are 64 Marma points in our body, which are also called vital points. The energy of life force resides in these vital points. In Kalri, attack and defense are taught keeping these points in mind. To master this art, you have to complete four stages and it takes students more than a year to complete each stage.

  • Meypayattu (Physical Exercise): Training is done to provide strength to the body and mind.
  • Kolthari Payattu Wooden Weapon Training: Training with wooden weapons.
  • Ankathari Payattu Metal Weapon Training: Training with sharp weapons.
  • Verum Kai Hand to Hand Combat: The art of hand to hand combat.

Kalaripayattu had laid the foundation of Kung Fu.

You will be surprised to know that Kung Fu, which is loved by many across the world, also originated from Kalaripayattu. It is said that around the 5th century BC, the Kalari warrior Bodhidharma of South India went to China and the exercises taught by him there later laid the foundation of Kung Fu.

Kalari is not just a warrior art, but also an art to keep the body, mind and brain healthy and balanced. Additionally, it is also the inspiration for other arts of Kerala like Theyyam and Kathakali.

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