How to Apply Emergency Passport Know under What Circumstances You Can Apply

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What is Emergency Passport
What is Emergency Passport

You must be aware that there are many types of passports. You get different types of passports to go abroad, but the conditions for this should also be different. There is also an emergency situation, for which an emergency passport is made. This emergency passport is used in emergency situations for foreign travel. In India, citizens get this passport in case of any major incidents.

What is an emergency passport?

This is a passport for which you will not have to wait. It is issued to you instantly by the Indian authorities. However, citizens get it only in extremely urgent situations.

How to apply for emergency passport

  • For this, first of all you have to go to the nearest passport office.
  • Will have to go to the nearest passport office.
  • They will have to carry all the necessary documents including proof of travel abroad, identity and photographs for their emergency travel.
  • For an emergency passport, they will have to give accurate details of all their circumstances. Only after this they will be able to get this passport.
  • Provide proof of Indian citizenship along with photograph.
  • Pay a fee for emergency passport service.
  • After completing all the process you will get the emergency passport.
  • You cannot go abroad without submitting the documents required for a passport.

Difference between Tatkal Passport and Emergency Passport

  • The processing time for Tatkal passport is between 1 to 3 days. Whereas if you get any normal passport made, it takes one month to 2 months. However, police verification is also done immediately.
  • Emergency passport is time limited, you cannot stay abroad with this passport for a long time. You will have to come back as soon as the work is completed. Its time is already determined and it cannot be extended. Emergency passport can be issued on the same day. Many times you do not have to wait for 2 to 3 days or a week for this.
  • Keep in mind that some countries do not accept emergency passports. So if you are applying for this, then check it thoroughly beforehand.

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