Worlds Most Dangerous Prison: Alcatraz Island

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Alcatraz Prison
Alcatraz Prison

Almost every corner of the world remains famous all over the world for some reason or the other. There are many such places in this beautiful world, which are also known for their mysterious stories.

Alcatraz is a beautiful island where the world’s most dangerous prison also exists. Just as the beauty of this island is popular, in the same way the horror story of this island is also popular. In this article we are going to tell you about Alcatraz Island.

Where is Alcatraz Island?

Before knowing about the mysterious stories of Alcatraz Island, let us tell you in which country this beautiful island is present. This island is located on the coast of California, United States of America, near San Francisco.

  • Alcatraz Island located in California is considered to be the most beautiful island of the United States, but the prison located on this island is also considered to be the most dangerous prison in the world.
  • It is said about Alcatraz prison that it was constructed around 1934. It is believed that this prison was so dangerous that the person who went here once would never dare to escape in his life.
  • Alcatraz prison, built in 1934, was also considered the most beautiful prison in the world, because it was located in the middle of the island and was surrounded by cold water on all sides, but it was also closed in 1963.
  • The scary stories of Alcatraz Jail i.e. Island also surprise many people. People believe that many people had tried to escape from this jail, but were not successful. However, it is also said that some prisoners were successful in escaping.
  • It is said about Alcatraz prison that many people died inside the prison while trying to escape. People believe that even today the souls of prisoners keep wandering in this jail. It is also believed that strange sounds keep coming from this jail.

Now Alcatraz prison Used as a museum

For your information, let us tell you that after the closure of Alcatraz prison in around 1963, it is used as a museum. It is believed that thousands of tourists arrive every day to experience the beauty of Alcatraz and the story of Alcatraz prison. Being in the middle of the sea, one has to go here by boat.

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