ISRO’s ‘Naughty Boy’ rocket to be launched today

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ISRO's 'Naughty Boy' rocket to be launched today

ISRO: ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) is going to launch the ‘Naughty Boy’ rocket from the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh today on Saturday (February 17) at 5.35 pm. Actually, this rocket named ‘Naughty Boy’ is ISRO’s GSLV rocket. According to ISRO, this is the 16th mission of the GSLV rocket and the 10th flight using the indigenous cryogenic engine.

What is this mission of ISRO?

In this mission, ISRO will launch INSAT-3DS satellite through GSLV rocket. The job of this satellite is to share weather related information. The INSAT-3DS satellite weighs 2,274 kg and has a mission life of 10 years. The INSAT-3DS satellite will replace the already in-space INSAT-3D (which was launched in 2013) and INSAT-3DR (which was launched in September 2016).

Why was this rocket named ‘Naughty Boy’ rocket?

The GSLV rocket has got the name of ‘Naughty Boy’ because its failure rate is 40 percent. Out of 15 launches conducted with this rocket, 4 have failed. ISRO’s INSAT-3DS satellite is being launched to provide weather information from space. GSLV, popularly known as ‘Naughty Boy’, is a three-stage rocket, whose height is 51.7 meters. Through this rocket a load of 420 tonnes can be sent into space. The rocket uses an Indian-made cryogenic engine and ISRO plans to retire it after a few more launches.

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