The New Casio Classwiz Is The Answer To Advanced Problem Solving

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The New Casio Classwiz Is The Answer To Advanced Problem Solving
FX-991EX – C63 Classwiz

Casio releases the new FX-991EX – C63 Classwiz, a premium scientific calculator with enhanced features and functions. It is four times faster than its predecessor model fx-991ES plus.

Casio stands out as the most popular brand in the world of calculators. With a highly advanced interface and a variety of technological features put together, Casio’s scientific calculators have revolutionized the field of mathematics, engineering, information technology, and science. Innovative in both function and design, with an exceptionally tough and reliable build, Casio calculators have succeeded to garner the trust of their customers. 

Being a pioneer brand in the line of calculators, Casio understands the needs of its customers and works diligently to cater to their requirements.

With a purview of thinking about the educational needs of students of high school to adults, Casio has introduced FX-991EX – C63 Classwiz, offering diverse features and designs, with advanced problem-solving technology.

c63 1 The New Casio Classwiz Is The Answer To Advanced Problem Solving
Classwiz Scientific Calculator
  • Classwiz is the fastest-running calculator, which computes the most advanced equations and solves them in no time! 
  • Classwiz scientific calculator has a drop-resistant body and a dot matrix display so that a user can easily view long expressions, saving time during the examinations. 
  • Apart from this, its 552 high-performance functions, high-resolution LCD screen, and solar-powered battery make it a valuable utility and top choice among students and working professionals.
  • Casio’s Classwiz has 3 years of warranty and does not compromise on its quality. 
  • The brand-new QR feature generates graphical visualization of the equation on your smartphone. This feature also helps you access the user manual to help you develop a better understanding of the calculator. 
  • The metallic keys on the calculator are an add-on that makes it look elegant yet simple.


Casio with its stellar scientific calculators promotes mathematical learning in the minds of young learners by paving the way to solve tricky problems in a fraction of a few seconds. Casio has brought the product to the market to encourage students to pursue careers in tech-based fields, underlining its vision for development and growth behind the making of its products. 

About Us 

Casio is a leading brand, best known for its electronic calculators, musical instruments, scientific calculators, and affordable digital watches with cutting-edge technology. Casio holds a top-notch place when it comes to style, performance, and the originality of its products. 

Apart from the Classwiz scientific calculator, other models of the scientific calculator are also a great pick for the specifications and the price range they offer. Keeping in mind the diverse lifestyles of their customers, Casio products are designed in such a way that it essentially adds value to their users, contributing to their everyday life.

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